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A Level English Coaching

English Language: English Literature Preparations

A Level English Language and English Literature Tutoring is available for the Edexcel and Cambridge Examinations in Ajman, Sharjah and Dubai - UAE. The courses for The English Language and Literature is taught by Mr. Ayub, one of the famous English Teacher here in the UAE, who spend a good deal of years while teaching English Language and Literature at the different schools and gaining good results. 

A Level Poetry

Poetry is the spontaneous over flow of powerful feelings. Our poetry tutorials are full result oriented and customized according to the need of the students.

A Level English Dissertation

Al Orouba Institute also prepare students who opt for the dissertation, either in English Language or English Literature of the A Levels exams in Ajman, Sharjah and Dubai - UAE.
Students are helped in the real time to come up with their own unique literary creative ideas.

A Level English Language

  A Level English Lessons in Sharjah UAE

All of our tutorials are in correlations with the students at school or students who appear for Edexcel or Cambridge Examination as a private students. Students are trained in syllabus requirement and evaluation so that the student can understand really what is the scope and objective of the syllabus. So in this way he/she is in a better position to response and mark the high score in his/her results.

A Level Exam Preps

A Level English Tutor in Sharjah

Private Tutor is available in Ajman, Sharjah and Dubai for the result oriented classes and coaching for the A Level Cambridge and Edexcel English Language and Literature.